Central Alberta Doulas is centrally located in Red Deer. We offer more then just birth doula support for families in Red Deer and the Central Alberta area. We have a wonderful team of professionals to support you during pregnancy and throughout the first year of your baby’s life! Whether you are looking for a birth doula to support your throughout your pregnancy and labour or in-home postpartum support once baby is here, we can help you! If placenta encapsulation is on your list of things to do, we also offer placenta encapsulation thru Central Alberta Placenta Encapsulation. As one dad put it, we are a “one stop shop for everything pregnancy and birth related”! 


Everything Central Alberta Doulas offers:

Currently we offer doula support to families in Red Deer, Innisfail, Sylvan Lake, Ponoka, Blackfalds, Lacombe, Alix, Clive, Bentley, Rimbey and Rocky Mountain House for birth support. We attend home births in Red Deer, Innisfail, Sylvan Lake, Ponoka, Blackfalds, Lacombe, Alix, Clive, Bentley, Rimbey and Rocky Mountain House. And our doulas will attend births in any hospital in the Central Alberta area. If you are in an area not listed, please contact us to see if we can support you.


Why an agency?

The idea of Central Alberta Doulas first came about in 2013 when Christine Catherall was then “Heart-Felt Doula” and working on her own. There was a night that she was at a birth and got a call that another client was in labour! What now? Well she called up another doula she knew and asked them to come support her other client. In the end she did make it to both births BUT it was NOT ideal! The doula didn’t know anything about the client. The client now didn’t have Christine to support her and they had met a few times and gotten to really know each other and build that trust. This got her thinking about how to make things better all around. I mean what if something happened and she couldn’t make it to a birth? What if a labour was really long? All these what if’s. But they were a real problem. Enter a doula agency! Back then there weren’t any other agencies around really. None in Alberta. A couple in Canada. This idea would mean that every client gets TWO doulas. Why? Built in back up doula for one! The other thing is we are human.. we do get sick, get in car accidents, have very special family events we don’t want to miss. With the way we operate it means you aren’t worrying about who might show up, you know your two doulas. You can contact them with questions, concerns and if one is busy, chances are the other will get back to you right away. We are truly there for you!! We also are on call from the time you hire us, until your baby is born. We don’t go on call at 37 weeks like many doulas do. Once Central Alberta Doulas became a reality Christine stepped down from being President on the Red Deer Doula Association, that she had revived and gotten up and running after being inactive for a couple of years and focused on the agency. Now in our 4th year of supporting families in Central Alberta, we offer birth support, placenta encapsulation, mentoring for other doulas and some retail products like rebozos and birthing outfits.We were also volunteer distributors for The Baby Box Co from October of 2016  – September 2017 and handed out around 500 boxes to those in our community.

Love the photos on our website? We do too! Suzanne Taylor Photography kindly provided them for us. We have exclusive deals for our clients with Suzanne Taylor Photography. Please contact her for more information.