Central Alberta Doulas started as a dream in a notebook back in 2013 I guess. I didn’t know what it would look like or if it would happen. After calling in another doula in Red Deer a couple of times because I was with a client and another client was also in labour, I knew I had to do something. So grew the idea of an agency. At the time there were no other agencies in Alberta. We were the first. And we were one of just a very few in all of Canada. I had to look to agency owners in the US to teach me what they had learnt and adapt it for Canada and our laws/regulations. My family worked endless hours with me reading contracts, reading over forms, hand outs, listening to me talk about my dream. They watched me cry when things felt impossible, and cheer when things worked and fell into place. I can never thank my two boys and my husband enough for all they’ve done. Without them I would not have had the success I have had, they are ALWAYS behind me 100%.
As we all know, times change, people change, our needs change. My family’s needs have changed over the last 7 years of my doula career and I have changed. Last year I quit teaching prenatal classes and closed our physical office space we had in 2018. I have made a decision to close Central Alberta Doulas’ doors effective the beginning of February 2019.
I want to thank ALL Central Alberta Doulas clients from the past few years who supported us and trusted in us to be a part of your birth team. We as a team supported nearly 200 families and I have attended just under 110 births myself since I started in 2012. I’ve taught over 200 couples prenatal classes and we’ve encapsulated endless placentas for clients. I have met some amazing people and made some friends because of this journey. I can look at a name of a past client and it often brings back little memories of their birth and I smile. My oldest keeps questioning my sanity I think. He has asked me more then once if this is really what I want to do because I seem so happy. And I am happy, but also ready for a change. I might be back. I might take on some clients on my own. Oh heck I’ve already told another doula I will be her back up, so I am not totally leaving the birth world. I will be offering support for surrogates and intentional parents for a surrogacy agency and I am offering mentoring for new doulas still. ┬áThis is simple the next chapter of my book and I am looking forward to it.