Baby Boxes are here! Do you have yours?

YAY! We have all been patiently waiting (some not so patiently. lol) And now the baby boxes are here!

Well, I am so super excited to be a part of the Baby Box initiative for Alberta! Women who have a baby between October 1st, 2016 and October 1st, 2017 can get a baby box for free. The baby boxes are for everyone and it doesn’t matter income level, what baby number it is… The only catch (if you will) is you need to sign up online and complete the Alberta Baby Box University, pass a quiz and get a certificate. Once you have your certificate you can pick up your free box at any distributer near you!

baby box 2 pics of boxesSince this is a volunteer thing we have called upon others in the community to help out. The baby boxes come flat packed and need to be assembled, which takes a couple of minutes per box. Red Deer has had so many people offer to help and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us distribute these boxes in our community this month. Shout outs need to go to the following (plus to some friends and family):

Mommy Connections

Hot Mama Fitness

Pure and Simple Babies

Studio Pilates

Nerds On Site

One more thing we are looking for a business or two to donate money towards paying for a storage locker to store extra boxes in between pick up dates. We have a storage place that has agreed to let us have one for half price for a year. We just need some help paying for it. If you have ever been in Central Alberta Doulas office you know we have a very small office with no storage room. Imagine trying to find a place for 50 -100 boxes!! LOL. And next month we would like to order 400 so the women in Central Alberta can all get one in a timely fashion. If you have ANY connections with businesses who would be willing to help pay for a storage locker for one year to us, PLEASE let me know. I am happy to provide any details they may need. Also if you would like to help with putting the boxes together, PLEASE email us!  Even an hour or two would help out. It is easy work, just time consuming. Our next distribution will be the beginning of December.

Baby box 1Baby boxes in Red Deer assembled




Thoughts? Comments?