Back to school

As September rolls around again I am watching my facebook friends posting about back to school shopping – the frustrations, the cost, the excitement, the nerves and all that goes along with back to school.

What was I posting about? Well here is my status from last week:

“This is the first year in many (18 years??) that I am not sending someone off to school… I thought I would be sad, but I’m actually not. I haven’t had to fight the crowds for school supplies, stand in line to pay school fees, spend way too much money on shoes, clothing and other stuff. One year off and then I’m back to the grind. Only 13 more years to go until I am done, again.”

As I watched all my friends posting pictures of the first day and listened to them cry as they sent their babies off to school. I may of felt a little sad in the end not sending someone to school this year. I actually enjoy labelling pencils, getting those crisp new clothes ready and laid out. Buying lunch supplies and juice boxes. And I just may of gone out last night and bought our littlest one a ton of new clothes… I feel a little better having some new clothes to wash up and new footwear to add to the closet.

Do you love or hate the back to school craziness?