Chelsea Bootsman

Chelsea Bootsman doula

I’ve had an interest in pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until after I had my third baby, that I really began to explore where I would fit this passion into my life.

2014 was a big transition year for me, as I started my journey by becoming a volunteer at the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, and then shortly after, attending two births of friends of mine, which piqued my interest into becoming a doula. So in September of that year (shortly after finding out that I was expecting baby number 4), I decided to take a leap of faith and attended my first doula training through DONA.

Since then, I have completed a Rebozo workshop – widening my knowledge of labour positions, a Spinning Babies workshop – learning about ideal fetal positioning, and am currently attaining my Stillbirthday Certification – to better support families through both birth and bereavement.

As your doula, I know how important every role is, in the delivery room (whether that’s in the hospital or at home), and I am not there to replace anyone, but rather help everyone work as a team, making sure you feel supported and encouraged during the entire process, while also enjoying my role as the “fetcher of things”, I like to call myself – whether it’s finding puke buckets, water, toast, cool cloths, or warm blankets, I’m there to work, not observe! But aside from the birth, I really enjoy getting to know my clients throughout their pregnancies – hearing about their excitements, fears and questions, and even developing friendships which sometimes last beyond the time of which I am hired.

I am very privileged to have been able to support a range of high-risk mothers, a twin birth, and various low risk births, with minimal interventions, and hope to further my knowledge of all things pregnancy and birth, with every client I’m blessed to get to know!

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Courses, Workshops, Certifications:

  • DONA Birth Doula workshop
  • Rebozo workshop
  • Spinning Babies training
  • StillBirthday birth and bereavement doula training