Concierge Service

We know you are busy! We totally get that! As a busy family you don’t have time to call around and try and find things out. As we know a concierge is someone who is there for you to arrange things and help you find local resources. Usually we use this service when travelling and staying at a hotel. Well, Central Alberta Doulas offers concierge services and this means that we are there for you. To provide you with the support you need. Some of the service we offer are:

  • help connecting with local resources
  • assistance organizing your nursery
  • private prenatal classes
  • assistance in writing your birth plan
  • teaching you comfort measures to use in labour and delivery
  • in-home help once baby is here
  • assistance in packing your hospital bag
  • a helping hand in getting to appointments if you have older children
  • address any questions or concerns you have about adding a little one to your family
  • other assistance/support as needed

As you can see we offer a wide variety of services. You are able to pick and choose what you need assistance.  We offer the above at an hourly rate of $30 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. If you need assistance with several things, we offer a special rate of $25 per hour for 10 or more hours that are pre-purchased.

What would you get help with? Contact us today to talk about it!