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Planning a nursery is always fun. What colour will you paint it? Wallpaper? (It’s making a huge comeback!) Do you know the gender? Are you decorating accordingly or doing a neutral? There are many choices to make along the way for sure!

Furniture… I am loving this grey crib! Recently I was at clients home and they had a grey crib and I loved it!! I also love this crib from Ikea. We had an Ikea crib for our last little one and it also converted to a toddler bed so super convenient! For our last babe I bought a dresser second hand and used chalk paint to make it look new again. It was $40 and still going strong a few years later! I didn’t want a matchy match look to her room so this added that fun I was looking for. I have also seen a lot of people buy the Hemnes dresser from Ikea because you can use the top for a changing area when baby is smaller. I am all for multi purpose items!

You just need a few of these blankets for baby! They are lightweight and great for swaddling or just covering baby up. I also have used them as a sun shade over the stroller. I wouldn’t suggest spending a lot of money on crib sets. Most people use the comforter for decoration and of course they don’t recommend using bumper pads anymore, unless you go with the newer breathable ones.

I really like our Diaper Genie with our last we didn’t use cloth diapers until she was close to one. So I loved having a Diaper Genie. And don’t forget to get Diaper Genie Refills! If you are using cloth you can just have a couple large wet bags for the diapers to be put in until it’s time to wash them.

If you are breastfeeding you need a few things, but not much. You can get all sorts of different nursing covers. Or just use one of the aden + anais blankets. A lot of babies don’t like to be covered though and of course you do not need to cover yourself. It is a personal preference for sure! One thing you will need is nursing pads. I went between using Disposable nursing pads and washable ones – I used these ones or these look great too! I liked the washable ones at home but when we went out I preferred the disposable ones as they were thinner and couldn’t be seen under shirts.

I think we all buy too much for our little ones. We do. A baby doesn’t really need much. There are some great things out there for babies and they can make our lives easier for sure, but we do buy too much. If you are on a budget (and who isn’t??), shop second hand, ask friends if they are done with clothes, shop sales… you can save a ton! I saved money on the crib by buying a cheaper one from Ikea and painting the second hand dresser myself. I also bought all her clothes second hand for the first couple of years. Some still had tags on them when I bought them! It’s crazy! Think before you buy and if you are buying something for someone for a baby shower gift, make sure it is something they can use. Or take a freezer meal, or have someone come in and clean their house before baby is born so it’s all done. Many helpful gift ideas out there!

I also made a Pinterest board with some great nursery ideas. Make sure you check it out for inspiration!

neutral nursery

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