You want to eat AGAIN?

I was asked a while back by a client to “show her my ways”. I laughed at the thought that I have “ways”.

show me your ways!

But I guess I kinda do. I showed her how to organize her wardrobe and we chatted about how much I love shopping online. Not just for gifts and such, but for everyday items. Amazon allows you to shop online and they have groceries now! So every month we get some basics delivered to our doorstep and I so love it! Once you have so many items in your monthly order you save even more! Who can beat that? And yes, you can alter your order as needed each month. The issue I have with Amazon is it is pantry things, or diapers. Or toilet paper. Sure we need those things, but we also need fresh meat. Veggies. Milk. Bread. So a few weeks ago I started hearing some buzz about Superstore. Apparently you can order online and pick up. But how easy it that to actually do??? So I decided to test it out last night. It was around 2am and I have a list a mile long to do. So I googled Superstore and found the link. I created an account (and got a $5 off coupon in my email a few minutes later too!!) It took a couple minutes to figure it all out and then it was pretty simple. You can search categories or just do searches. Since I knew what I was after I searched the things I needed. The flyers are also there too that you can order from. Within a very short period of time I had placed my first order! I chose to pick it up in the afternoon between 1 and 3. A fee of $3 was added. The fee changes depending on pick up time and day. Weekends and evenings seem to be a $5 fee.

I got a text saying my order was ready for pick by 11am. I arrived just after 2pm and called the number they give you, but as I was calling a lady came out to say the phone wasn’t working and she saw me in the camera. Asked my last name and in a few minutes brought all my groceries out to me. Easy peasy! I barely had to leave my car!

Now between Amazon and Superstore I can get basically all my shopping done! I am so excited! And my kids can stop asking me to buy more milk. And cheerios. And tubes. And oranges…. it just never stops. lol


Superstore online shopping

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