How to be a perfect mom

The last few weeks I have been thinking about Christmas gifts. I have looked through flyers, in stores and of course on Pinterest. I do enjoy crafting, when I have the time. I am game to try new things with creating, as long as it doesn’t include sewing. I cannot sew. Nor do I have patience for figuring out how on earth to get the thread in the machine properly. So in looking for neat ideas for gifts I check out Pinterest almost daily I think to see what is new and I pin things. And I make lists of things I need to buy to create these amazing finds. I put my iPad down almost every time feeling like I am failing as a mom, a wife, a human. fireplace PinHow could I NOT have a mantle all beautifully decorated for Christmas? Oh heck I don’t even have a mantle but Pinterest is telling me I NEED one to decorate each season. I look some more and find gourmet meals with healthy ingredients and a perfectly set table. My family is lucky if they get supper some nights. I try and do freezer meals, and I actually just made about 20 of them a couple days ago (yay me!), but I hadn’t made any for a few months so we have eaten more pizza and Chinese food then I care to admit lately. My little one doesn’t have fancy braids every day either, which according to Pinterest is super easy to do. Ya sure. After I fight with her to just run a brush through her hair and I am not going to get her to sit still while I practice these “easy” braids before dayhome each day.

the little girl with nice hair-do standing beside railing

I look around my house some days and wonder if I will end up on “Hoarders” one day. It can so easily get out of control. But don’t worry, Pinterest can solve that for me too! “How to organize my house in 5 easy steps”. Or “How to keep my house clean with little ones under foot”. It’s all there. And I do often read the how to’s. I just don’t have time to save time. I don’t have time to redecorate every season. I am trying to settle on being happy if we have a good meal on the table, and sometimes even on a clean table. I try not to measure my worthiness as a mom and wife based on what I see on Pinterest but it’s tough. It feels like EVERY ONE but me does it. They have the fabulous trees up, they have the designer placemats that match their dishes. And they are hand crafting all their Christmas gifts of course. Or so Facebook tells me. I scroll through Facebook and I see my friends going off to fancy events with their hair all done up and their make up looking fresh and I wonder how they pull it off. I feel like I am having a good day if I brush my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I think I pull of an image of having my stuff together. We live in a nice home, with nice things. And if I have the time and I feel creative I can pull of some awesome hand made gists. But as I look around I see real life. I see the pile of crap I dumped out out my purse before heading out yesterday. It’s still sitting on the coffee table, next to a granola bar wrapper that was my breakfast yesterday because I was trying to get out of the house before 9:30. No small task for me. lol. There is a bowl of Halloween candy sitting on my little ones table still, with candy wrappers lying beside it and some scissors that she used to open some treats. There aren’t any Christmas decorations in sight in my house. I hope to get them up soon. But first I need to find them. I almost feel like it would be easier to buy a new tree and new decorations every year. For real.

So what does this all have to do with being a perfect mom? Well a lot. THIS is what we all see all the time. It’s what we feel we need to live up to. But it isn’t reality, we can drive ourselves to a breaking point if we try to achieve all we see. Pinterest is NOT real life for the majority of people. Facebook is NOT our true selves. We post what we want people to see and know about. We post our achievements, not usually our failures. Real life is dirty laundry on the floor, beside the hamper. Real life is dishes in the sink and the dishwasher full. Real life is pizza eaten on a dirty table, once too often in a week. pizzaReal life is hair pulled back in a ponytail and no make up. Do not try and measure up to what you see on Pinterest and Facebook because you WILL fail. Real life is snuggling with your little one instead of creating the perfect laundry room. Real life is letting go of expectations of crafting every gift by hand and buying gift cards. There is no “perfect” mom. Or a “perfect” life. Find YOUR version of perfect and you’ll be a lot happier and so will your children. I am going to go gather some socks off the floor and do laundry in my dingy laundry room and then I might actually take my pony tail out and brush my hair. Or I might not. Oh and since I forgot to take a freezer meal out of the freezer, we might just be ordering in. Again.