ALL our rebozos come from Mexico. We have contacts in different areas of Mexico for different rebozos. We only sell what we have in-stock as shipments can take a while to come in and we are never totally sure what we will get. To find out what we have currently, please email us at We can ship anywhere or local pick up in Red Deer is possible. You are also welcome to come see what we have currently, by appointment. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.

  Two-Tone Mexican Diamond Rebozos

They are $45 each.  5.8 feet long and 26″ wide. 

two tone rebozo




Gorgeous LONG Rebozos

They are $75 each. 100% cotton and are 8.9 ft long (plus fringe) and 26.8 inch wide. 

9 foot rebozo