Searching for a bra

So I have a photoshoot coming up with The 4th Trimester Bodies Project¬†and for it I need a black bra and black panties. Apparently I don’t own a black bra or black panties that are appropriate and heck, it seems like a good reason to go bra shopping right? Where to go? A while back Sheena from The Bra Lounge was in to talk at one of the Mommy Connections mom-to-be classes and I thought I would go check out her shop. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in! I was greeting within seconds of walking in and asked what I was looking for today. I told her black bra and panties and she asked if I had been in before. When I answered no, she asked if I would like to be fitted. Oh heck, why not? I have been kinda guessing for a while now. So we went back to a spacious fitting room where she measured me and it was truly not awkward at all, I promise! Then she went away and returned like a little fairy with bras in my size and requirements (black). I didn’t have to go thru bins looking for sizes or colours, I got to sit and wait and check my emails. She returned with bras and wanted to double check how the size fit, which I have never had happen before. I think in the end she must have brought me a dozen or so bras to try on! While in there I heard many women looking for bras and asking questions. Some were pregnant and looking for bras, some were moms wanting a little pick me up – all of them were helped wonderfully and were brought different sizes if requested, different styles and made to feel important. So different from what I am used to when bra shopping. Usually I make my way in and feel a little old to be in the store, then rummage thru bins in hopes of finding the right size, then guess if it fits right or not. At The Bra Lounge I asked the lovely lady helping me if she could come check the fit of a bra out for me to see what she thought. In the end we decided it wasn’t the right fit and changing sizes would not help. Which in some stores I am sure she would have told me it fit great, just to make a sale. I appreciate honesty in such things.

I left feeling like I had actually been treated like I matter and the staff of The Bra Lounge truly cared about my experience in the store. I know I will be back!

Thoughts? Comments?