Shopping cart bagz

This summer I heard about these bags you put “on a shopping cart” (??), were reusable and were supposed to be amazing. Or so their Facebook page said. So I wanted to try them out myself and see. When my Cartbagz arrived I was super impressed with the following:

  1. The shipping time
  2. The packaging (very nicely packaged!)
  3. The quality of the bags
  4. How they fold (roll?) up to be quite small.

They really made me want to go out and get groceries! I just had to try them out! My first trip with them was to Walmart. I had to get some school supplies and a few others essentials. So I put them on the cart all rolled up still by the seat and went around the store. When I got to the cashier I told the cashier I had my own bags, unloaded my cart and unrolled the bags over the top of the cart. Woohoo! They looked great! I started loading things up and WOW they hold a lot! In the line next to me a guy yelled over asking what they were and wondering where I got them from. The lady behind him wanted the info too! They worked great and I loved the cold bag! I had one more stop to make and the cold bag kept my cold items perfect! When I got to the car I simply loaded them up, one at a time. They stood up well in my car. And while I was loading them up ANOTHER lady stopped me and took a picture of them so she could order a set too!

cartbagz in AlbertaWhen I arrived home I simply carried them in, unloaded them and rolled them up again for next time! Easy-peasy!

closing up cartbagz

A few days ago I went to Costco and tried them out there. Again worked great and I didn’t have to try and dispose of cardboard boxes when I got home (you know just what I am talking about!!). I was a little worried about the guy who had to pack them… would he get it? Would he hate them and wish he could just throw my stuff into boxes instead? But he really liked them and asked where I got them from! He did great packing them and once again I was easily able to load them into my vehicle and bring them into the house.

cartbagz 2edited

I really can get behind products that are functional and make my life easier. I like these bags because they are reusable and basically every store now charges for bags and they really are easier to carry in then 15 plastic bags that rip on the way to the house. I like how they take up very little room in my vehicle BUT at the same time are big enough so when I put them back by the door to take out, I actually see them and remember to take them back to my vehicle for the next grocery shop. The only negative about them is they do not fit in the two-tier shopping carts like Superstore and Independent have. But truthfully if I am getting groceries from Superstore, I am probably using Click and Collect, and not bagging them myself anyways. (read about my experiences here). You can order your own set here. Enjoy!



Thoughts? Comments?