flowersleepbeltSleepBelt is recommended in “Sweet Sleep” by La Leche League International, a PTPA Winner and Champion of the Center for Babywearing Studies !

A hands free skin-to-skin support system and nap wrap, SleepBelt allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you!  With a new baby, breaks are important… Make the most of them.
WHY SleepBelt?

People always ask, why SleepBelt vs. a wrap/carrier/sling/skin-to-skin shirt for Kangaroo Care? well… a few reasons, to start:

1) It’s EASY! With no tying, buckling or adjusting, SleepBelt is on in mere seconds. When you’re exhausted, that matters!!
2) It keeps Baby in his most comfortable position, be it knees tucked, legs flexed or froggy style, and SleepBelt is nice and snug, just like the womb.
3) No knots, clips or buckles to dig into Mom or Dad. No pressure on the shoulders or weight on your back. No bulky fabric to make you sweat.
4) When Baby falls asleep, you can transfer him to his crib with minimal disruption. No contortionist act required.
5) The soft and stretchy design means even the smallest of babes will be comfortable and secure in a SleepBelt. It’s true. SleepBelt has been used in the NICU on babies as small as 1200g, so you can rest assured they are happy!

It’s NOT for carrying your baby, but because of it’s unique design, the above benefits are possible. If you have any questions about SleepBelt, you can contact them directly by  at or have a look on their website . Happy Snuggling!!!

Patent Pending.  Made in Canada.

SleepBelt comes in your choice of  3 colours:

  • aqua blue
  • hot pink
  • black

It also comes in 3 sizes:

  • Petite -sizes 0 -10
  • Regular – sizes 8 – 18
  • Long -sizes 16 – 26

Central Alberta Doulas has samples so you can try out the sizes to see which fits you best. We also try to have a decent stock on hand, so you can pick it up right away, but sometimes you will need to wait for an order to come in. Email us to set up a time to come by –

Retail is $60