Something for free! (for real!)

A while ago I was approached by a lady who was starting up a new fitness business in Red Deer. Hot Mama Health and Fitness. My first thoughts were “oh another gym, just what we need”. Kyra asked if she could drop some info off to me and of course I said yes, what harm can that do? So she so energetically popped into my office one day with a folder of info for me and info I could pass out to my clients.She told me she was offering postpartum moms free workouts. I started drilling her on what she was offering because it all sounded too good to be true. Free? Yup! ¬†They could come for free for 4 weeks (2 times a week) between 8 weeks postpartum and 16 weeks postpartum. (read more about their postpartum initiative here) Uh huh. And what was the catch? Huge enrolment fees? Do you have to agree to a year contract? What was the catch for real? No catch. Working out helps you feel better, reduces the risk of postpartum depression, gets you out and meeting other moms. I was still a little skeptical so I went to the website and read it. Then I went to her Facebook page and read that. Hmm…. seems legit. So I started handing out that info she dropped off to me. She seemed to be doing some good things in Red Deer and getting moms out of the house and working out. Fast forward a few months. I decided to take things a little further and actually go to some of her classes. First class is always free so what have I got to lose right? I told her I hated working out but I would be there on Monday. So I showed up at the designated park ready to go. That day I believe 3 other moms also came to work out. They all had little ones with them. One as tiny as 8 weeks of age! One mom had 3 children with her. Part way thru our exercises the itty bitty baby started to fuss a little so the mom picked her up and popped her into a baby carrier. This meant she couldn’t do what we were doing, but Kyra quickly helped her to modify what we were doing so she could keep going. The moms sometimes stopped for a minute to get a drink for their little ones, or a snack, but things kept going! I was impressed at how it all just flowed. I felt good leaving that day! Every time I go to a class there are moms with all different ages of children there. Some wear their little ones, the older ones blow bubbles or play at the park or have snacks. Sometimes they join in and the moms use their children as weights! lol. I have watched this amazing group of moms grow since the beginning and I love seeing the community building part of it happening. I see moms greeting each other at the classes, I see moms meeting friends to work out together and have a playdate for their littles at the same time. I see moms planning to hang out post workout. THIS is what it is all about. Our society so often leaves us feeling alone and Kyra is out to help change that. She will check in and see how you are doing, she’ll high fives you when you are finished a class and tell you you did amazing. She will encourage you to keep going when you maybe want to quit. Most of all we get our “Me time” to work out and there isn’t the added expense of childcare, so there are no excuses as to why we shouldn’t be there and working out. I truly love what she offers to Red Deer! There are several classes each week that you can attend and different types of classes too. All are child friendly. She also has fun challenges on Facebook sometimes too! Please go check out Hot Mama Fitness and set up your free class! If you are a new mom and been to your 6 week check up, ask her about the postpartum initiative and work out for free! Such a great way to meet new moms and get out of the house. And no, you don’t have to be a regular at working out, all workouts can be adjusted to your level! So truly, no excuses! What are you waiting for?

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