Tops tips for making Christmas dinner easier

Relatives are due to arrive in a couple hours, the turkey is just in the oven, you still need to set the table, peel potatoes, find the presents you hid and haven’t found yet, get dressed and a million other things. I get it! It’s always those last minute things like mashing the potatoes that takes so much time I find.┬áHere are my top tips for making the dinner part easier.

  1. Make the cranberry sauce the night before at put it in the fridge. I put it into the nice bowl I plan to serve it in so I don’t even have to transfer it.
  2. I always make extra stuffing and pop it into a crockpot on low so there is plenty to go around.
  3. Get the potatoes on and boiling as soon as the turkey is in the oven. Mash them and pop them into a crockpot too! I also like to add cream cheese to them to make them extra creamy. Before you serve, whip them up again to fluff them. I love my Pampered Chef potato thingamajig. (yes that is what it’s called, I am sure of it!)
  4. Set the table the night before so it’s ready to go.

By doing a few things the night before and getting the cooking part out of the way in the morning, then you have time to get dressed and relax before guests arrive. You also aren’t spending tons of time right before the meal doing a lot of food prep because it’s done! More time to relax and have a drink with the relatives. Enjoy!


Thoughts? Comments?